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Upcoming Activities

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In case this program shows diferent dates than the events created in our Facebook group, trust the Facebook group.


Upcoming events :

Sunday 20th of August: IKEA-day
GIC will organise buses (or public transportation) that takes you to IKEA Bäckebol. There you are able to get everything you might need for your apartment and spend a nice day with your new friends. IKEA might even have some special deals for you.

Friday 25th of August: Meet Your Student Buddy
A fun day outside in Slottsskogen (perhaps a change of plans if the weather does not allow it) with games and good hangout. Get to know your student-buddy and your buddy-group, enjoy some barbeque with new friends and show the other groups who’s the best!

Thursday 31st of August: Pub Crawl and Welcome Party
Join us in exploring the different pubs and bars of Gothenburg, to later meet up with your fellow students at a Welcome Party at the dance floor of Pustervik! The different bars may even have a few really good deals for all GIC students! 

Thursday 7th of September: Speed Fika
Like speed-dating, without the dating part and with a lot of FIKA! Get some cheap cake, tea and coffee provided by GIC and get to know as many students as possible in just a couple of hours.

Saturday 9th of September: Archipelago Trip (*to be confirmed*)
Pack some snacks and join us on our trip out to one of the beautiful isles of the Gothenburg archipelago. There you can take a walk, have a coffee and enjoy Swedish nature at its best.

Sunday 10th of September: International Dinner (*to be confirmed*)
GIC organises a dinner for all international students who like to try new food and learn more about the cuisine and culture from your fellow students‘ countries. Make your favourite dish from home and show your friends your cooking-skills as well as what its like to live in your country.

Sunday 17th of September: City Challenge
The best way to get to know Gothenburg is through the City Challenge (in collaboration with Student Göteborg)! Join a group and compete in all kinds of activities all over the city. 

Saturday 7th of October: Daytrip to the Chalmers Sauna (*to be confirmed*)
What better way to explore the Swedish woods than by a short trip outside of Gothenburg for a nice evening together with friends, food and a hot sauna? 

Saturday 28th of October: Halloween Party (*to be confirmed*)
Get dressed up in your best costume, practice your signature dance moves and join us on the dance floor! Meet new friends or get to know the ones you have found even better by having a great night out! (In collaboration with IntU, Intet)