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Social Groups

GIC organises two types of social groups, the buddy groups which are part of the GIC buddy programme, and interest groups. The buddy programme is mainly aimed at new students who have not arrived in Gothenburg yet or who have arrived very recently. Their primary aim is to help new students familiarise themselves with the city and life in Gothenburg, and they're a great way to make new friends quickly. The interest groups are for people who have arrived and who want to get in touch with people who share a common interest.


GIC Buddy programme (buddy groups)

When joining the buddy programme, we will assign to you a student buddy, a contact person in GIC, to whom you can address questions about student life in Gothenburg both prior to and after your arrival in Gothenburg. Joining the buddy programme also means that you are placed in a buddy group, and they’re a great way to make friends in the beginning our your stay in Gothenburg. Your student buddy will arrange for the buddy group to meet shortly after the arrival days so that everyone will get to know each other. Afterwards, many groups continue to meet throughout the semester, while other groups dissolve naturally as people get settled in their new lives in Gothenburg and start spending more time with class mates and other people they meet along the way. 

To sign up for a student buddy, please fill out this form.

NB: The GIC buddy programme is only open to international students at the faculties of social sciences, art/humanities, educational sciences, IT and natural sciences. If you belong to another faculty, you will be assigned a student buddy automatically from IntU (School of Business, Economics and Law) or Intet (Sahlgrenska Academy).


Interest Groups

There are a number of interest groups tied to GIC. They are a great way to get to know new people who share a common interest. Many of these groups are run by a student buddy from GIC, but not all of them. Sometimes students get in touch with us and ask if they can create an interest group that we then include here so that other students can find it and join. So if you don’t find a group here that meets your interests, feel free to start one, and we’ll put a link to it here and help market it.

iSPACE (Photography)

Football group

Running group 

Culture group

International Dining group

Language addicts (Language café)

Volleyball group

We Walk In Nature (Hiking)

Movies group

Even if the groups are not active, feel free to post in them and set up meetings with the members.