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Rotary International Student House (RISH) Scolarship

If you are enrolled in higher education in Gothenburg since at least one year, and are required to pay tuition fees, you may apply for a Rotary International Student House (RISH) scholarship of ca 10 000 SEK. This is awarded to 7-10 students per year. A board that includes representatives from Rotary and the student organizations decides which applicants are to be granted with a scholarship. The members of the board would like to receive applications from students at several different educational programs.

The application deadline is October 6.

Fill in the attached application (further down) and send to the following address:

RISH Scholarship Fund
Institutions & Foundations
405 04 Göteborg

For more information about the scholarship, see http://www.gfs.se/en/om_gfs/stipendier

If you have any questions, please contact the GFS president Andreas Sjöö at andreas.sjoo@gfs.se