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Join GIC

If you want to join the committee and help us organise events for the international community at the university, you can send us an email : internationellakommitten@gota.gu.se or gic@gota.gu.se If you are unsure about what it is we do, we’ve collected some frequently asked questions below that we hope will shed some light on that. If you still have questions afterwards, feel free to contact us.

Q) What is a student buddy?

A) That’s us! The members of the international committee (GIC) are known as ‘student buddies’ (‘faddrar’ in Swedish).

Q) What does a student buddy do?
A) We do a lot of stuff. Here’s a list of some of the things we do:

  • Help out during the arrival days by meeting the students at the airports, train station, and bus and ferry terminals, as well as handing out keys and information at the housing office.
  • Put together a welcome programme that often include: City Challenge, trip to IKEA, walking faculty tours, international dinner, games in Slottsskogen, etc.
  • Organise various events and activities throughout the semester.
  • Organise a language café at Kafé Haga.
  • Run a buddy programme whereby international students can sign up for a student buddy who will then act as person contact both prior to the students arrival in Gothenburg, and afterwards. A student buddy who participates in the buddy programme, will be assigned a group of usually 10-20 international students.

Q) How much time does it take to be a student buddy?

A) This is a difficult one to answer. It is of course possible to spend a lot of time on GIC, and generally people do tend to end up spending more time than they had originally planned simply because it is so much fun. The international community at GU is extremely active, and there are always things happening. A minimum requirement, though, is that you attend most of our meetings (we meet once a month) and that you show up on at least some of our activities. It’s not a big commitment time wise, and you can always withdraw your membership if you find that you don’t have the time. 

Q) Do I have to be a member of GÖTA student union in order to join GIC?

A) Yes and no. You need to be a member of a student union in Gothenburg, but it does not have to be GÖTA.